Aug 2014

#21 Eddie and I are starting something new

Day 21 of the 31 days challenge. Day 21. As I head back to Los Angeles from my week in Indianapolis, I wanted to share something new my best friend Eddie and I will be starting.

I’m a huge podcast consumer. I’ve lived off them for the past few years, getting an MBA and film school education through the number of hours I’ve spent listening to people talk business and making movies. Eddie and I have been talking for several years about doing one together, but couldn’t decide on what we would offer for people. Finally, it made stupid sense to do one on movies.

So coming soon, we will be launching the TRN Podcast: Our watchable suggestions for you to consume on Netflix, Redbox, and on the Big Screen. Each episode will breakdown a movie or tv show we think you should (or shouldn’t) go see, rent, and buffer. More info will be coming later as we continue to finalize the details. But be on the lookout for the upcoming release.