Aug 2014

31 Days – 31 Videos

I was inspired by an idea from a social media guru (?) about this idea. She was asking her followers to vlog every day for the month of August.

I know what your thinking… no… I’m not vlogging every day. No one needs that much J.B.

But what I am going to attempt is to create a new video to share. Maybe once or twice I might put my face on it, but for the most part I am going to shoot, edit, and create new pieces. A few will be actual commissioned work that will be released along the way. But the majority will be new creations that have no financial backing, benefactor, or purpose other than to increase the stream of new productions I make, keep my skills sharp, expand my abilities, try new techniques, and hopefully surprise a few people.

If you would like, subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will be posting these videos daily. And if you have any inspirations, ideas, or things you would like me to try, let me know.

31 Days. 31 Videos.



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