Hey, I’m J.B. Waggoner – producer and editor of the motion picture Brennan, about the man behind the book The Ragamuffin Gospel, Brennan Manning. I was also a producer, assistant editor, and tour manager for the movie Ragamuffin, based on the life of Rich Mullins.

I help people increase their impact with awesome videos – especially pastors and ministry leaders.

I’ve worked with companies like:

  • The Apprentice Institute
  • Friends University
  • Color Green Films
  • Poverty Resolutions
  • RYFO Network
  • Cedarville University
  • NorCal Church Planting Network

My work has been featured by The Gospel Coalition, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post, and served many churches across the country.

I love finding visionaries who have a genuine love for helping people and leading them to our savior, Jesus Christ. For the past five years as a freelance content creator, I’ve helped artists, organizations, companies, churches, and brands create and utilize videos and visual media in their work.

If you’ve been looking for someone to catch your vision and help you make some great videos to empower your work, schedule a consultation.



My first book, Power Beyond the Pulpit: A Guide to Using Social Media, Self-Publishing, Podcasting, Video, Email, and Blogs in Ministry will be released in April 2016, and available for pre-order soon. This resource guides pastors and teachers through several ways they can grow their ministry impact by utilizing different platforms.

Personal Info

J.B. lives with his wife Colbeigh in the Los Angeles area, but he grew up in Brownsburg, IN. His favorite things include: Jesus Christ. Also… movies, watching professional sports (Pacers, Colts, Dodgers, Jayhawks basketball), tinkering with new technologies, photography, podcasting with his best friend Eddie, and gummy worms.


Official Bio

(the stuff that makes me sound cool)

J.B. Waggoner is a producer, editor, and visual content creator. His work includes two feature films (most recently the movie “Brennan”), two documentaries, and hundreds of short-form videos and commercials for local and international businesses, churches, non-profits, and brands. With Color Green Films, J.B. has also helped create and manage a nationwide movie tour, Ragamuffin Retreats, merchandising, and social media.

Services I Offer

These are a few of the services I offer:

  • Video Production – campaigns, highlight reels and recaps, testimonials, fundraising, short stories
  • Film Editing
  • Videography & Cameraman
  • Platform Strategy
  • Self-Publishing/Ebooks
  • Starting a Podcast
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development (WordPress based, sorry no Drupal, etc.)

Sorry, but please don’t ask about this:

  • Financing your film
  • Running your Facebook and Twitter
  • Running your YouTube Channel
  • Hosting your website
  • Reviewing your movie script
  • Wedding Videography
  • Animation Only projects


Speaking Opportunities

While leading the Ragamuffin Movie Tour, J.B. regularly spoke to groups of hundreds of people who attended screenings. He is also the host of “Weekly Confessions” video series with Color Green Films.

Possible topics J.B. could talk about (but not limited to):
– Filmmaking & Movies
– Utilizing Platforms in Ministry
– Church, Faith, and Culture
– Creativity
– Editing
– Producing