Hey, I’m J.B. Waggoner – a Nashville based film and video editor with over 20 years of post-production experience, including:

  • Editing three Feature Films: Brennan | God’s Fool | Ragamuffin (assistant)
  • Editing three Documentaries: United States of Anxiety | Rich Mullins: A Ragamuffin’s Legacy | 1 Dollar Poverty
  • Created hundreds of short-form content
    • Event Intros/Recaps
    • Trailers
    • Promos
    • Social videos
    • Ads
    • Web Series
    • Online Courses
    • Music Videos

I currently lead all post-production for Ramsey Solutions. This includes radio personality and New York Times bestselling author, Dave Ramsey (over 2 million subscribers), as well as the entire Ramsey Network (8 YouTube Channels, multiple over 100k subscribers).

Also, I post editing tips and tutorials to help creators level up their editing game on my YouTube Channel.

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