Apr 2014

Trailer for GARDEN STATE follow-up

We want to make this film the same way we made “Garden State,” without a distributor or financier demanding we adapt it to fit their needs. – Braff


46,520 Backers and $3.1 Million all from Kickstarter, Zach Braff’s follow-up to Garden State (2004) finally has a trailer. It’s not a sequel, but a brand new story. For me, I’m interested to see what happens with it. Garden State worked well as the story of a self-medicated/subdued 20-something dealing with the death of his mother and finding a place in the world. At 35, will the same core question work?

I’ve thought a lot about my own projects, dreams, and stories. And I wonder why anyone should be given a few million dollars to control completely. Why do we give people that in the first place, and is it a higher calling because it allows for more artistic freedom? Is it really creative if you have no rules? Doesn’t that tension foster more creativity?

Revisiting the original film, it stood alone. I didn’t want anything else from it than it gave. And never thought it needed a sequel/follow-up/sister story to continue the thought. And I hope this doesn’t become “Older Garden State in LA with new people.”

If you are interested, here is the original Kickstarter campaign video, or click here to see the page with more info.