Jan 2014

The Year of You – My Favorite Commercial So Far

5 Days in, I’ve already found my favorite commercials of 2014 so far. Narrated by John C. Reilly, this commercial makes you feel awesome, highlighting the many things that you may have done in 2013 (babies being born, getting married, new house). I did NONE of those things and yet it made me feel like a boss.

And you’ll never guess who commissioned this visual pep-talk: TurboTax.

Here’s my favorite segment:

You got married.
You found that one person, one out of like 7 billion who you are meant to be with, ONE!
That’s like what spies can do.
And they have like facial recognition technology.
All you had was a new shirt.
But you did it.

Well done, TurboTax. They get it, in 2014 you need to make people feel something strong, endear yourself to your customers, especially considering your service is a necessary evil that we could all do without.