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What Is This Book About?

There’s never been a better time to reach beyond your physical pulpit and touch more lives with the Gospel. To successfully navigate all these new platforms, however, you’ll need a guide. “Power Beyond the Pulpit” charts a course for pastors and teachers to utilize platforms in ministry.


Pastors have an opportunity to powerfully impact lives beyond the church walls in this day and age. This resource is a concise, easy to read, motivating, step by step explanation of how to do just that. Waggoner captured the ways the pulpit can be mobile in the 21st century.” – Don Jennings III (Pastor)

“J.B. empowers ministry leaders to maximize their influence in the digital age. His new book, Power Beyond the Pulpit, is a must-read if you are seeking to wisely steward your ministry in light of the social media and internet revolution of the last 20 years. This book is long overdue, but I’m thankful that JB has stepped up to the plate and created this invaluable resource!” – Justin Cook (Teacher, Pastor)

“J.B. gives Pastors and teachers the most practical and up-to-date tools for expanding their reach and influence. His book is a must have for anyone longing to effect lives with the Gospel.”
– Nick Greenwood (Pastor, Missional Leadership Coach)