Easter 2015 with CCV at Azusa Pacific University
Apr 2015

Easter 2015 with CCV at Azusa Pacific University

It’s a funny story, but not unusual for me. Our church, Christ’s Church of the Valley, was hosting their Saturday and Sunday Easter services at Azusa Pacific University so they could accommodate what ended up being around 16,000 people. My fiance had volunteered to help on Saturday and we’d planned to go with her family on Sunday, and I thought I’d help out as well.

As soon as we approached the volunteer table, my friend Jim Lacy, Pastor of Connections whom I’ve done several projects with, runs up to me. “ARE YOU HERE TO SHOOT VIDEO??!?!?!” You might assume that I’m exaggerating, unless you know Jim, in which case the capital letters might not do him justice. They needed someone to capture the weekend beyond just the telecast and somehow they forgot to actually contact me, and I didn’t have any equipment with me. So I said I’d come back tomorrow and shoot all day.

The footage was primarily recorded for archival and promotion for next year, but they told me I could make something with it if I wanted. So on a day last week where I had a hole in my schedule, I put together this video recap. It started with finding the right song. I wanted something other than the usual church, U2-esque, happy-happy-raw-raw song (and it had to be free). So I found this industrial-tech sound, loved it so much, that I went to work. No color grade on this, all straight from the camera.

Everything in here was shot and edited by me, except for the lovely drone footage from Brian Carter.

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