Aug 2014

#29 End of the day

Day 29 of the 31 days challenge. By the end of yesterday’s 15-hour workday, I felt spent, tired, and thinking about doing a video for day 29 seemed like a cruel punishment. I asked myself why I still do this. Do I still love it?

Then looking around the room, across my walls I have pictures of the people who’ve supported me over the past 4 years as a freelance producer and editor, whether giving me a bed to sleep on, buying me lunch, a box of waffles, and sometimes just saying, “I don’t think you should leave. Keep going.”

The video for today was the strongest feeling I had where I wanted to say, “yeah, I’ve done enough. I got nothing left.” But really, that was just the moment talking, and not a true barometer of what was possible. So looking around my room, seeing my work strewn across my bed, desk, floors, and shelves, it was the faces next to them that made me remember I’m not alone. At the end of the day, I’m happy.