May 2014

We Just Made a Movie

I got this movie for graduation and I was so incredibly moved. I haven’t went to church for 15 years because of the abuse of Christians who deemed me defiled for having a child out of wedlock. The final straw was when my then 4 year old daughter was referred to as “a bastard” by her 15 year old sunday school teacher. This person has gone on to become the “godly mother of four”. My daughter no interest in Christianity even though she claims Christ as her savior. This movie touched my soul with the salve of Jesus and his true message of love. My hope is that she will watch this movie soon and be touched by the love of Jesus she once knew. Thank you for making this movie!! – Kimberly K.

This was an email we received from Kimberly. It’s stuff like this that makes me say, “All we did was just make a movie.” I wish I could say we knew this would happen, but many movies are made every year, watched, forgotten, with it being incredibly surprising for one to take hold of somebody.


All I can say is that God works in mysterious ways. For some reason, I had to buy this film on VUDU. Once I pushed play, I could not stop watching it and then rewinding it. About an hour in, I became even more curious and began to research the life of Rich Mullins, who up until yesterday I had never heard of…surprising right? What I found astonished me.

Beginning life with the benefit of a Christian education from Trinity Lutheran in Bloomington, IL, I grew up blind and ignorant to the dark side of life and how difficult it is and was about to become. For the last 28 years, I have sinned and strayed so far from Christ that I am almost afraid to admit it.

You see, after watching this film, I immediately knew I was a Ragamuffin. I lost my faith some twenty-eight years ago very near the place where Rich’s life came to an abrupt end. My life was in shambles; my father had just been murdered; and that long ride between Bloomington and Chicago, altered my personal relationship with God.

I have been reckless, I have hurt just about everyone in my life, I have pushed people away who have tried to help, and I have even worse blamed the Lord for all of my problems. I have failed, and like so many others before me, I have tried to carry this burden and pain alone for so long.

Ragamuffins, in just about two hours, helped me to finally surrender my life to the Lord. I am powerless to achieve anything without the help of Jesus. It’s just that, until this moment, I did not really believe it. My family, my career, and my destiny from this day forward will be in service to God. Putting life in perspective cannot happen without his love.

Have you ever just known that in a moment, the Lord was speaking directly to you? I felt chills of Joy and as the tears began to pour out of my soul, I knew he had just forgiven me and removed that painful burden.

Thank you for making this movie, everyone involved should know that you have forever altered the course of my life.

-From Glen H.

Overall, the response has been incredible, and at the same time you have to lift your hands up and say, “What’s happening?” because we didn’t do anything to have this happening to people’s lives. But then again, maybe thats the result of faithfulness. You really do very little for God, and He does immensely on his own terms.

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