Apr 2014

ONCE writer-director back with new music film

“Written and directed by John Carney.” If you’ve never seen ONCE (2006), then this won’t make sense why I’m so happy about this sentence. It was a film about a down on his luck musician who meets a woman and they begin to write beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking music together. Starring real musicians who could also act (much like the feature RAGAMUFFIN that I just finished producing). It was shot like a doc, and I’ve even heard stories of people coming up to Glen Hansgard (lead actor) and asking him about the woman and the status of their relationship when he has to inform them that it wasn’t real.

So this new film, also starring some musicians (albeit in another time-zone fame wise than Hansgard), written-directed by the creator of ONCE makes me really excited. Beyond that, anything with Mark Ruffalo is amazing. Plus Keira Nightly, Adam Levine, Katherine Keener, and a host of other randoms.

I will be seeing this.