Apr 2014

Jack and Coco

I’ve really loved listening to Jack White talk, almost more than his music. Hearing him talk about choosing crappy plastic guitars out of the Sears-Roebuck catalog to purposefully make him work harder to make better music.

Conan O’Brien sat down with him to talk about… well… anything. Johnny Carson, responsibility, the movie LINCOLN (2012), Larry Bird, Roman Catholic guilt, connecting with women, Steve Martin, and lazy babies.

What good can come from comfort? It’s not going to be art. – Jack White

It wasn’t until listening to him and Conan jump from so wide a variety of topics that I realized one of the major reasons I connect with how he speaks is that he inputs new information from so many sources, can bring up relevant facts and data that influences him, weaving such random threads across disciplines and stories. And especially when he talks about how hard he works, forcing himself to up the ante on what he creates, not settling, embracing the blue-collar aspects of a normally idealized and aggrandized profession.

I love finding these gems. I know you probably are going to skip actually watching this clip because its an hour and fifteen minutes long. And maybe I shouldn’t be posting this at 11:30 at night either. Maybe this should come during the “peak” hours of noon on a Wednesday or Thursday and incorporate a top ten + one. But I sat with this blank post open all day without anything to curate, say, or tell. And I came across this simple conversation thats too long for most people, but I knew in an instance I wanted people to see it.