Jan 2014

Ready for Ragamuffin Movie Tour

I’m beginning the last leg of a multi-year journey that started upon meeting Director David Schultz in the kitchen of Cafe Yesterday in Berkeley, California in 2011. He and his wife Amy are now family to me after so many days, weeks, months, and years of working together and seeing movies and laughing at ourselves.

What for me started with a conversation while washing dishes then turned into working together on what became a companion documentary to the film he was making on the life of Rich Mullins, then being on set for the making of Ragamuffin, assisting in the post-production, and even staying on long enough to be an Associate Producer and helping take this movie across the country this winter.


So January 9th we will be premiering Ragamuffin in Wichita, Kansas. From there I will be on the road into March, showing the movie in theaters, venues, college campuses, and churches in around 25 states.

Please check tour dates and schedules and COME TO A SHOWING that is near you! You can check our tour schedule and even get ticketing information at:


I’ve been truly blessed to be a part of this project for the past few years, been given incredible opportunities to grow and learn and meet so many awesome people. Surreal. I know its the ending of one major film endeavor, and at the same time excited about the future, not only for more films to be a part of and create but also for the relationships and friendships with those people who’ve allowed me in to their world.

And if you haven’t had an opportunity to check out the trailer or behind-the-scenes making of Ragamuffin, please take a few minutes to watch.


Behind The Scenes